Terry (under the influence of a special orange danish that ZenBob made) recorded dozens of songs in the basement over a few days. Berry helped with this marathon recording session and the project was named "Thunderchild". The songs had a more progressive and heavy theme than the normal Apology None material and was deemed ahead of its time. Toward the end of his episode, Terry walked the tape reels to the ocean. He (along with the reels) were grabbed by the band but not before the tapes were drenched. Some of the damaged recordings still exist. Terry does not remember any of it and the band only recently told him the truth about what happened.
Rob recorded a solo EP. Since it wasn't a full album, the record was made between the size of an LP and a single. It spun at an unusual 38rpm which distorted the sound. The album failed to chart.

The album High Society is unique in that each of the twelve songs are in different keys, thus representing the twelve keys in the musical spectrum.



Henry T. Pipe's brother Bertran U. Pipe spoke the introduction in the episode 'Star Trip'.
Just Wing It
Hot dogs grow on trees in the Apology None Tooniverse.
Just Plane Wrong! When Teri became a Corsair in the episode "Just Wing It" it was a mistake. Terry explains: "We were supposed to make her into sort of a butterfly girl...all pink with groovy stripes and you could still see her face and hair pretty much, and she was supposed to get stuck in some tree limbs. I was given this magic wand and I wasn't experienced with it and gave it WAYYY to much emotion and I was lusting over a remote control model WW2 Corsair fighter plane at my local hobby store which I couldn't afford. So as the minutes progressed I knew I was in more and more trouble haha. She just became the model war plane... I mean all the way! Zen thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen. She did end up getting caught in the tree so it all worked out but that didn't make it into the film. We had to take her home that way but in a couple days she was back to normal."
Terry was surprised to found out Rob had his first crush. Teri told him that Rob's love was the robot from the TV show Lost In Space. At that time, Rob built a robot for a science project and Terry thought he was building it to have a mate. In reality, Rob had a crush on a real girl named Linda but the misunderstanding got out of control. Resulting with a robot, a smoke bomb, public embarrassment, a breakup and a lot of hurt feelings. This was cronicled on an episode of the Apology None Fun Hour.


The Apology None tooniverse takes place in the 'groovy era' which encompasses the optomistic side of time frame of 1966 to 1972.
AN manager Mark Putt once proposed a publicity stunt, stating that the five members of the band were all twins.
Hoodoo (the green ball headed magician from the animated film Satur-Delia) visited Terry Summer and his friends at a haunted abandoned airport one Halloween. His visit was cut short when he slammed his tallywacker in a car door. This can be heard in episode 114 of 'The Wrong Channel' radio/podcast show.
Henry T. Pipe gets inspiration from gazing at.the ships in the harbor from his second floor study. He once injured himself after falling from the window "Yes yes..I had a few diminished fiths and tried to lob potatoes at a vestle that looked like the Mayflower. None of the projectiles reached the ship and I took quite a fall. There is always a next time as they say!"
The band was once booked on Dick Plark's Caravan of Toons. The trip ended within a half hour as a fight broke out between Apology None, The Archies and Josie and The Pussycats on the bus. Teri stated that 'Veronica started it!"
Some of the band, along with friend Stacy, have made starring roles, cameos, music and art contributions in films that include The Bikini Warriors, Bikini Revival, Hotrod Mutants, The Scorpion League,
Bikini Orbit, Freaky Riders, Freaky Bikinis,
Wild Bikinis, Angry Bikers
The Bikini Scheme, Bikini Arsenal, Severe Hotrods Bikini Devils, Bikini Chorus, Hotrod Squad,
Demon Strip, Bikini Circus, Lazy Crazy Summer,
Sunshine Girl, Surfer’s Strip, Bikini Atoll, Wild Devils, Sharks and Stingrays, Dead Man's Hill, Satur-Delia.
Rob invented the "Cake-O-Matic". It is a machine that can instantly make intricate pies, cakes and cookies. It uses a series of oil-based 'artaries' which separate ingredients in a reservoir before entering a computerized stensile oven. The only one in existance is in Hula Malts.
Anthropamorphic animals reside in Hula Vista, the same way they live in the Hanna Barbera and Warner Brothers Toonisverses.
Rob has a little sister named Dana. She can be heard singing the end portion of the song "My Kind of Girl".




In the song "Capriccio", Terry made up the lyrics as he sang them. "Yeah, I was trying to get over a huge writer block and we were starting the high society project. So we had some cool music and I just started singing a bunch of nonsence and Rob had the recorder going and that's what's on the record! And it's also the reason it's called Capriccio.

The Apology None Van is a Trodge Tradesman, which the band mates share. When gigging, they tow a tear drop trailer with their equipment.
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