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Sky BLue

Sky Blue

This melodic and emotional collection will fly you above the clouds and back to the groovy era. This is the most powerful and pationate Apology None album to date and it will lift you up!
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'Sky Blue' Track Listing


1. Trust Me
2. Lost in Your Sunshine
3. La La Remember It
4. Real
5. Higher High
6. River Dragon
7. Anchor Me
8. Journey Jeannie
9. Jesus Fly Me like a Kite
10. Calling Cathy Hollingsworth
11. Here We Are
12. Sky Blue


Satur-Delia: The Original Soundtrack

This is the soundtrack to the band's epic animated trilogy "Satur-Delia". 'Psychedelic Rock's Grooviest Cartoon Band' went above and beyond with this album, creating soul stirring melodic arrangements dripping with dark hued psychedelic pop. Other brilliant independent artists are featured as well, including Vinnie Zummo, WelshmansHill, Joe 'Pops' Bredow and Thinking Aloud. This album is sure to please those who pine for the best music of the 'groovy era'.
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'Satur-Delia: The Original Soundtrack' Track Listing


1. For You
2. I'm Nowhere
3. SunBlade
4. Love Academy
5. Go Play in the Sky
6. Double Double
7. Chain Me to Your Soul
8. Some Sunday Sunny Day
9. Tony Dickson Theme
10. Forever for No Reason
11. Love Song
12. Lend Me a Handle
13. Rip Whirle and Shake
14. Double Double 2
15.Entwined in the Twisted

High Society

Apology None's debut album, "High Society", captures the band's mix of sunshine pop, psychedelic rock, and space-age orchestral exotica.

The band's trademark harmonies, devious key and time signature changes, and richly orchestrated arrangements are well represented in this collection.

From the simplicities of their classic surf shindig "Superfast!" to the complex arrangements of the psychedelicious "Capriccio" and 007esque "Yesterday Once More", the beauty and spontaneity of the music shines through.

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Quantcast 'High Society' Track Listing


1. Sunshine
2. Superfast!
3. Capriccio
4. Need some Love from You
5. Every Day
6. Flirtin' Kind
7. Yesterday Once More
8. Song
9. Swingin' Pad-
10. My Kind of Girl
11. Down
12. Blast Off!