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Good Effort. The construction of your song is sound and sophisticated.
Musically it covers a wide range of style and emotion. The change of tempo keeps the listener on his toes. Your focal point “Blast Off” is represented well musically but falls short lyrically as a chorus. Your lyrics seem to work in the verse as the prosody is fitting with the music. Side note: I could hear this song as a soundtrack in a James Bond movie Well done.

Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues on "Blast Off!" songwars entry

Man. You are all a bunch of sell-out, doped out, no good group of hippies. What happened to Basie? Frankie? Dean? The good stuff would still be on the radio if it wasn't for you lousy kids!


When I hear "Superfast!" and "Song", I'm left totally stoked, man. You dudes need to just stick to the surf songs because this psychedelic stuff messes with my head and I wipe out in the worst possible way!
Surfer Don
Santa Monica, Ca.


Your music isn't really the issue here. We all KNOW who's the reason we got kicked off the bus tour, DON"T WE!
You know who....

So Marsha gets a date with Terry just because she goes around kicking and screaming!?!? IT'S JUST NOT FAIR!!!
Studio City, California

Your music is hot and you guys show a lot of potential. I think you need to sound more like Bob Dylan, though. Bob Dyan writes from the heart and his music transcends all facets of human emotion (except the brief period when he went electric). I can't wait to see Bob Dyan in concert again. It will be my 49th! Bob Dylan ROCKS!

Dayton, Ohio

You lads will never be as big as the Beatles

Whitchurch-On-Thames, England
over a year ago
  • you guys make some awesome music i love it

  • 10/17/2008 3:15:57 PM

    I now have a new favorite song it's EVERYDAY. I do not remember you playing that one for me. Casey was blown away by the beach boys singing SONG oh my bad I mean you singing SONG

    K-RTRO vol. II on"Capriccio"
    Kind of like cross between Love's "Little Red Book" and Status Quo's "Pictures of Matchstick Men" this psychedelic gem makes a nice addition to the K-RTRO playlist. I wish I had found this one when I was still doing acid.

    ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC on "Capriccio"
    Wonderfully messy n melodic Psychedelicious track snagged from K-RTRO 2 with big reverby piano,pretty 60s minor melody and great time-sig change.Why dosn't anyone do that anymore? Feels really creative and warm-I like..

    AOR Overflow on "Superfast"
    friend thinks The Who ... I think Beach Boys

    ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC on "Superfast"
    Lofi 60s spacey surfin' funtime...Its the sound of a party in a dancing scene in a 1967 film-where the hero is trying to investigate something and this is the music in the background..Groovy..



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