Henry T. Pipe: Genius
Henry is the eccentric composer/conductor for the Royal Pipe Orchestra which produces the string and horn arrangements for Apology None. Some of his works tend to have certain ...powerful and mystical consequences. He works with Rob quite often though his inpatients and slight drinking problem have caused communication issues. He takes his inspiration by watching ships in the harbor from the window in his study. *a bit of trivia: Henry's brother Bertran U. Pipe spoke the introduction in the epic Apology None cartoon Star Trip*
See what can happen when Henry downs a few 'diminished fifths' in the hilarious A.N. episode "Why Don't You Call Henry?"

Henry T. Pipe


Stracy: Teri Trel's Best friend

Stracy is known by many as the 'fast talking girl'. Her mouth can run a mile a minute and she often gets sidetracked into the mundane while trying to relay important messages to the band. Though Stracy and Teri are besties, she is an aspiring actress rather than musician. She also works at Hula Malts where the band frequents.




Wenzel and Beutol: Evil Villains

This Eastern European duo work for Honing Stone magazine and hate any type of 'feel good' music or grooviness. They epitomize the elitist establishment that will only recognize bands that make themselves seem intelligent to their peers. They would like nothing more than to see Apology None disappear and will take any measure to make that happen.

Shultz and Beutol

Sydney: Heckler

Sydney loves to laugh at people, especially 'hippies'. The band never knows when or how this guy is going to show up. He was first seen heckling the band while on the road and was the first to instigate the now famous Teri Trel phrase "WE'RE NOT HIPPIES!!"